Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Sappho - Draft post from 31st August 2013

I find it hard to choose pieces to quote because the subject matter is very different to my own written blog posts. Yet these books I'm reading and enjoying for the first time are part of being a home educating mother.

My reading helps me broaden my mind and is part of the luxury of having the time and opportunity to read what I choose to. In some sense it helps me not worry about the home educating, because less of my mind is paying attention to the contemporary discussions about it.

In another way it is great because I read of a time when schooling as we know it was not part of life. So I experience the thought processes of a writer, Saphho, who has a grown up daughter, and read her with the unexpected result of seeing her as a fellow home educating mother. Not the usual reason for reading her words!

Clearly PSHE was a vital part of bringing up daughters. This is much more swept under the carpet now. Was I part of any conversations about marriage or about having children? I don't remember any serious ones apart from seeing my aunt breastfeed while she chatted to me and my brother. She must have felt very grown up feeding her first born and looking after us two at the same time in the dining room on her own while the other adults were upstairs. All I remember is feeling shocked that anyone looking in from the street, through the big window, would have been able to see her bra strap. In those days a bra strap was always hidden. I was shocked at seeing it!

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