Thursday, 8 June 2017

Flylady for whole countries - too simplistic identities - Draft post from 15th Aug 2013

I was wondering what process is simple and powerful enough to help countries when they are in a fix. Flylady has a phrase CHAOS = can't have anyone over syndrome, ie disorder and general quiet mayhem in a household. The 'fly' bit stands for 'finally loving yourself'. How could that scale up to country level?

Do the old cultures have helpful ways of doing this? Countries do get into trouble, it's natural. In fact it's a constant getting into trouble of one sort and another, and a constant business of fixing things. No wonder politicians get grey hair quickly.

Humans may be communal, but what a mess that is! It's so great when it works well. Why is it that we sometimes all band together and sometimes split into 2 fighting camps? What's all the divide and conquer about, pitting one part of society against another.

I like the blurring of boundaries that happens when I make a list of all my identities. I'm even a bit Pagan at heart. I feel various nationalities, but live here at present and speak a very Southern English version of English, which fixes me irrevocably to Sloane Square. Just having one big identity is annoying and limiting, hence my annoyance at myself when I say 'I don't work' instead of something more creative like 'Oooh, I do lots of things...'

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