Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Clearances, reoccupations, territorial actions - Just the right interaction - 27th Sept 2013

I have moved much stuff from the kitchen table, window sill, upstairs landing and upstairs window sill.

The space under the kitchen dresser is getting attention now. I guess that the plastic boxes under there have been receiving gifts of bits of mother boards for 10 years. I found a big Monopoly set under there and extra Scrabble tiles.

The house will be emptier looking. More space = fewer crumbs? The dresser in the kitchen has far fewer plastic bottles and tops now.

Motherlode by The Staves

This afternoon I was asked to bake bread items made by our church activity afternoon. So various hedgehogs, snails and snakes were baked while I chatted with a friend in my kitchen.

Then, miraculously, I asked another friend something and we are both able to get on Facebook to support each other. Just what I needed.

Also, I was able to give away my hard-won information about home education. I wrote it in felt pen on the inside of a cardboard box, needs must.

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