Monday, 29 May 2017

Little stones 2 - Draft post, also from 2nd January 2013

To the left / parallel to the garden wall / standing motionless on the grass of the wide verge / eyes open / ears spread out and still / brownish / greyish / I want to ask the USA Chicken man to walk around our village at night and see such things too / welcome to our town


He disappeared after an immigration round up. He was a kind man, I gave him a plant one day, for the business, and he was so so thrilled, gave me the biggest hug ever.

He was Kurdish and he used to ask me to knit him socks when he saw me sitting with my needles and wool waiting for him to cook the chicken things for me to take away back home.

We managed to talk about children via simple English. I explained how old mine were and wished children for him in the future.

23rd May 2017

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Little stones 1 - Draft post from 2nd January 2013

I sat on the stool and watched the orange glows shifting about / there were clefts between portions of black burnt wood / the papery, weightless ashes lay about all still / suddenly the logs were no longer brilliant orange, but a bright white / how did that change occur without me seeing it / I was staring all the time
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