Saturday, 25 October 2014

Short Films - New book on Prose Poetry - this is my 1000th published blog post by the way

I have just found a blog which is no longer being updated. It is full of links to short films in Arabic. I have added it to my sidebar, but that is not a logical action. Today has not been filled with logic.

Getting a dense book on Arabic prose poetry was not a logical move either. The quickest way to gain from it is to read the notes at the end of each chapter. Actually, there is no hurry, I can read what I want when I want. It is all fine.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

My new library - Theatre Day Productions - ايام المسرح

My new library

I have a new library, but no more time. It has a tree with waving branches outside, and is the right temperature. I can wander in there and work with my dictionary on my knee.

The search system allows me to look right through all the Oxford Libraries, but I can only borrow or look at items in my own. That was an unpleasant shock because I'd already found a thesis I really fancied skimming through in an afternoon, but no go. So I have discovered that it had been worked up into a published book, that's now on its way via amazon, but I hadn't planned on being nixed by the system. It has been a while since I have been let down like that.

As a result I am just borrowing one short book each week. This week's has just 58 pages in all. I'll be down to succinct articles soon.

Theatre Day Productions

ModPo is still amazing even though I am on time out from it. I looked at the forums and saw that some one I like to read and chat to has a website on her Theatre Company:
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