Tuesday, 16 December 2014

2 sons in the house again - Didcot station

I can't explain how wonderful it is to have them both here again. I see them chatting at the kitchen table. We roll around Sainsbury's choosing food. There is another cook in the house. The table now has a box of tool kit on it. H and I played a game called First Impressions last night. We are not ready to wrap it up for Christmas yet. T and I went off for an enjoyable trip to put petrol in his car because he couldn't be bothered to go by himself. I stood there watching him do all the actions. He drove me and I paid no attention to the traffic, just let him get on with it.

I give T a huge hug in our kitchen doorway because I am so pleased. We arrange to drive past the car park so he can pick up his car tomorrow morning after a pub trip out this evening. I sit by Didcot Station late at night with yet another book, half reading, half gazing into space thinking my own thoughts as I wait yet again for him to arrive.

Best of all, I can go and have mulled wine at the cafe if I want because T said he'll be my driver! Luxury. We can sit there with our books and while away some time together.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Dravo Jelena/Jelenka/Natasha/Voja and anyone else who knows me

Yes, I have learnt my first word of Serbian. You have to almost shout and be very lively and bouncy. That's how this family language is. It has always gone over my head before, but after 50 years it is time to belt it out. Surely I will have a wonderful accent, since I know it in my bones already.

Dravo means hallo/good health to you

I don't yet know what the reply is. My next trip to London will get me that treasure.
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