Monday, 22 January 2018

صورة الجميلة

This picture was used for an event on facebook and I loved it so completely the moment I saw it that I downloaded it and now I am posting it here.

I don't yet know how to reverse search for it, to find the artist's and the photographer's names. I would then do a search and make a series of contrasting pictures or works I love the most, video of the artist talking about his/her work. pic of the artist too.

So a perfect small exhibition.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

field niggas - khalik allah

i clicked on this on fb because of the words homeless and harlem, then his name caught my eye about seeing his work trailer - go for it, feel this read the article and then take it slowly with the q and a with the ica audience, go right to the end, question by question, give it time, give yourself time khamaica - this gives us his grandfather and spiritual blessings, it's hard to listen to his voice, but sink into it, you might recognise the christianity which is so familiar to us, this sound track needs transcribing - but who is the film maker? show how he works and he speaks about it - again, who is the film maker? he speaks about his work

Lexington 125 the velvet underground with lou reed singing in 1966 wow i have never heard this before bowie waiting for the man 1969-1972 i have never heard this version either

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