Thursday, 30 October 2014

'Not so much cars, more tanks' - On stage at the Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival

'Not so much cars, more tanks'

I had asked what the film 'Fury' was about, and suggested 'guns and cars?' That phrase was the answer. Then we both watched the trailer. I wonder when IS will be safely enough in the past to be filmed? Though what could be a good angle on something that brutal?

Today I was at the village shop, post-hospital-visit and not feeling myself. The lady asked me if I'd like a bag and I answered with 'No, I want a miracle!'

On Stage

A wonderful feeling to be there with a whole room of attentive people, just 5 short poems to read out and instructions to give a bit of chat as well. The reactions were amazing, a little 'mm' after each one. I have never heard that before in any readings I have been to, or maybe I am not that perceptive? The things I read were as different from each other as I could choose. I ended with a high energy one.

Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival

2 people I know are performing this coming Sunday, Nic May and Cathy Dreyer: includes vegetarian lunch and is upstairs at the beautiful Shoulder of Mutton pub in the centre of Wantage, at midday.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

My quote is on the school website :) - LVS-Oxford

Go to the bottom of this front first I wondered who had said this positive comment, then it seemed familiar, and my name right there confirmed it!

I don't know what to say. When a new situation doesn't match with any previous experience, because it is good and is in a different league, that lack of a match is the clue that tells me I am in a good and healthy situation. Maybe other people are better at spotting good situations and bad ones, but it is new to me. This neutral reaction is all I have to go on. I am getting used to it and trust it more now.
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