Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Previous Julys - from 9th July 2014

This blog goes back to 2009.

2013 Still quoting whole poems, unaware of copyright law; clearly busy learning Arabic: T leaves school.

2012 Poetry Parnassus and considering 2007; start of interest in poetry.

2011 Considering 2007.

2010 An acquaintance escaped from hospital in Oxford and jumped off Beachy Head; my aunt died from cancer.

2009 My father nearly died.


Well, since then:

2014 Gaza bombings all summer, live streams looking over towards Gaza at night; meeting head of LVS which will be H's new school.

2015 Listening to the Proms each evening in my little place in Blewbury, writing 2 poems per night, our little group meets weekly to teach each other Arabic in my friend's garden in Cowley.

2016 Into dance music, at home all the time, sorting out renting out my new place, difficult times.

2017 Soon to move again, all being well.

16th June 2017

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