Tuesday, 27 June 2017

2 line poems - Robert Hass - 7th July 2014

I made myself cry this afternoon, unintentionally. If you have ever written something that makes you cry as you are writing it, then hi from me. No one ever told me that could happen.

If you are curious, and if I want to note it down so I remember what those 2 lines actually were, here they are:

Family life

What will the next lecture/inspiration bring? As it happens a totally different discussion by 2 different people.


Hmm, I'm confused by this draft post. I don't think I actually did type out those 2 crucial lines which caused me to cry. And I think 'Family Life' is simply a heading for something I wanted to write, but then didn't. The last bit is made up of 2 sentences relating to a happy moment after trying out a video or audio file.

So it's a real hodge podge, but I'll post it anyway. I'm having a clear out and here in 2017 there are no direct costs attached to posting yet more words online.

16th June 2017

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