Thursday, 29 June 2017

My best bits of the year so far - from 12th July 2014

Still my best song: Sonnentanz

52 facebook group closed group

Iowa poetry writing class, on now

5R down in Upper Basildon

Lower Shaw Farm, Swindon

Sutton Courtenay Environmental Education Centre

My own closed poetry group, just set one up, 1 2 3 go..

Unexpected free Thursdays = Back Room Poets, I wouldn't have had the chance otherwise

Reading in public, did I really do that?

My Arabic dictionary, but I don't expect anyone else to see the joy!

The beautiful 60's/70's Festival Hall and Saison Poetry Library

Going out to cafes/restaurants with people I enjoy being with, what a change

Biodanza here and there in Oxford

Working with endlessly interesting people


How enthusiastic and happy this sounds. A lot of it was due to my decision to prepare for full time paid work by volunteering in several different places. That opened up my world such a lot. I need to be sociable and busy doing physical activities in the open air as much as possible. Planning and execution plus chat = happy Sarah.

16th June 2017

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