Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Protests, movements of all sorts - from 17th Sept 2013

This beautiful, emotional song reminds me of the togetherness and freedom of thought I could just see in the youtube coverage.

Ya Al Midan/You The Square by Cairokee

I am so sorry I was not able to get along to London Occupy in front of St Paul's. I honestly thought it would last for longer. When I finally got there after it had gone I walked into St Paul's and in my innocence looked for a table, chairs and place to discuss what the protest had meant and was continuing to mean. There was absolutely nothing, not even a chalk mark on the pavement outside. I was shocked. The pebble falls into the pond and the water flattens out again so soon.

Similarly, I didn't see the execution of Troy Davis coming. I thought it would be delayed, re-examined and then of course stopped. I simply went to sleep that night. That didn't happen and that is why people continue to protest in their own ways. Implacable distrust.

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