Monday, 26 June 2017

Qatar Duty Free Shopping - from 2nd July 2014

I was so happy, I carefully sounded out the letters on the front of my husband's big shiny plastic bag from his travels, and I found Qatar and al souk, which everyone knows means a shopping area. So I have 2 more words for my heap. Each new word goes on a little square of paper, English on one side and Arabic on the other, no transliteration now. I'm not sure about the word which must mean duty free, so I'll ignore that for now.

The other things I'm going through is names of terrorist/political/hostage taking organisations from when I was growing up. Wikipedia gives me the actual meaning of the words, so there's another way of getting simple vocab from my existing knowledge. Amal means hope by the way.

At a friend's house I saw a tin on a high shelf. When she gave it to me I sounded out what I could and finally worked out that I had found 'grammes' so that made me very happy too. Context is all. Next I'll do a bit of looking up and find kilo and metre etc.

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