Monday, 6 July 2015

The un-buried

T and I drove down to the station, he was about to fly to Edinburgh.

I mentioned that he might fly over Haddington, where his great grandparents are un-buried, in coffins, but on a shelf in a crypt. His great aunt is there, her ashes in an urn on a shelf down there. My parents are planning to do this too. I am not so sure about this at all and have told my mother she can change her mind about it as many times as she likes.

Just to emphasise my dislike of ending up down there, I describe my ideal resting procedure: buried the next day, no hanging around in a freezer thanks, wrapped in a fur coat, cotton sheets, anything beautiful and biodegradable. Flowers all around, leaves, plus things like delicious strawberries!! Cherries even! I want to taste good and fresh for the worms and bugs :) I want the rain to seep down and the sunshine to land on the earth on top. I want to be close to thunderstorms and gentle breezes at dawn. All that.

The Lauderdale Aisle - an interactive view

St Mary's Haddington - general information

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