Tuesday, 7 July 2015

I body-languaged a drunken man

How risky!

A man with a very red face was shouting at his woman in the street right outside the bookshop. After a bit he seemed to be showing no sign of stopping or of going somewhere else.

I stormed out, shutting the door behind me to let the reading continue. Without saying a word or making a sound I gave a massively threatening 'get out of it' whole body gesture at him in particular and the two of them in general.

I glared at them and watched him shift some yards to the side of the railings, where the row was still just as annoying to everyone.

I watched furiously for a while longer, still holding onto the door handle, then they went off.

It could have turned into a brawl, but I think he knew I just wanted him to shift his noisy awfulness somewhere else. The woman had a blank look to her face. She did look up at me, but was taking all this yelling as if it were a daily event in Walton Street.

I don't know whether to be shocked at myself for getting so angry or pleased that I sorted it out without any blood or 999 calls. Both. A doctor waiting to read his poetry got up to help me, but my friend said I'd be ok. Nice to know someone with plenty of Saturday nights on A & E was at hand if necessary to sit on the guy.

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