Friday, 3 July 2015

Season of short films from Syria 1 of 4

Syrian Season part 1 of 4: 'Saturday Morning Gift' directed by Bassel Shahada.


'Uploaded on 30 Dec 2010
A short film based on a real interview with a kid survived the 2006 war on Lebanon.

This short produced as a part of the admission application for the MFA in Cinema.

The crew is simply me and my little talented cousin Ziad in his bedroom, we had to shoot the kitchen scene in 3 hours while his mother was out of the house.

Cast: Ziad Salame, Dina Bouz

Sound: Munsef Turkmani

Set Design Assistance: Layal Jazi

Director, Scriptwriter, Cameraman, and editor: Bassel Shahade

Music: under the roof by colleen, In a silent way by Miles Davis, Ana la Habibi by Fairuz

This is my first movie with a non actor kid, no lighting equipment, and without a shooting crew and I can proudly call it my first bad movie'



Also posted on facebook in the Arabic Study Group - Oxford Area. It is always open to new members, as long as I know you in some way.


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  1. Well, that restriction about me actually knowing new members of my facebook group went out of the window in the autumn of 2015!

    hhh 90+ people on there now, but I'm still searching for a co-curator to work with me on this.

    I'm looking for a co-curator of my fb group, someone crazy about the Middle East, full of ideas, basically annoying to all their friends and needs some sort of structure to fit it all into.
    I'll meet up with anyone to chat it through in the centre of Oxford. It has to be someone who lives in the Oxford area. I don't guarantee to appoint anyone at all however. Or if I do it might be just for a couple of months.

    Of course I mean the MENA region, or Arabic speaking world, plus Israel, with Turkey and Iran too for good measure.


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