Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Who's this then? - Thank you - Infrared Thermometer - Moon lit night

Another go at writing a 3rd person bio:

'Sarah Maitland Parks got started by the man at the write-your-own-poem Tube Train tent at Poetry Parnassus in London 2012 and by taking part in the Modern and Contemporary American Poetry MOOC run by the University of Pennsylvania in 2013. She studies Arabic, loves encouraging other poets, and blogs at globeonmytable.'

Thank you

First poetry workshop, of a sort: A young man sat me down on a bale of straw with a sheet of blank paper on a hard surface with a pencil attached with a piece of string.  There were simple instructions on how to write a first poem, so I looked at the Thames and wrote about my mixed up weekend.

First reading I attended: Readers and organisers at the Migrant Resource Centre, 3 blocks from where I grew up. Iraqi man who chatted with me, but then said nothing, not a single physical response to my question: 'How's your Arabic?' His heart may well have just fallen shattered from its sockets, or I might have sounded a bit rude? I will never know. 

A household with sons

Means coming into the kitchen at 10pm  and being lasered to see what temperature I am. After a bit I use it to see how warm it is outside by aiming the red beam out of the window, 26c. Then I get all excited and stand outside aiming it into the night sky, 1c and -5c.


I am always going out with bags of rubbish. H tells me, you just fucked off and left me. I say yes, I am busy doing housework. Really, I'd been standing at the gateway listening to the quietness, feeling the night air moving. It is the 1st, so one breath is all the meditation I can do tonight. He had come out to find me, but didn't want to know about the bright moon light.

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