Saturday, 4 July 2015

Messy task, sweet opportunity

It was lovely to spend a couple of hours clearing out T's uni room and loading up the car. We had to be inventive, use a pillow case as a bin bag, find ways of opening doors with every arm filled with heavy things. I dropped a lamp base on my toes, but it hit all of them at once and the force was dissipated. T was proud to keep marked assessments showing lots of high marks. We agreed that teachers marking work are heroes.

His flat mates are so kind, holding doors open for us and making it easier.

Lots of sorting out and deciding. Lots of feeling tired, hot and sweaty. I told T to lie down on the bed at one point, just rest. I headed to his little bathroom and stopped thinking for a bit while cleaning the sink.

The car was so heavy I drove at 20 instead of 30. All those speed bumps.

(from several weeks ago)

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