Thursday, 9 July 2015

Small discoveries

I read the word 'imam' in a blog post, then realised that it comes from the same root as 'umm' and 'al-umam''. That's a satisfying feeling.

In order to do all this I needed to know the word to start with, the sound and the meaning. It's a common word here in the UK anyway, but reading it is a different step. Then putting two and two together is another step.

I can't follow the grammar and vocab well enough to follow a sentence, so I should pay more attention to the simpler email I get each day from an angel in the US somewhere: here is the latest one:

Arabic Blog

Posted: 30 Jun 2015 11:37 AM PDT
Marhaba! As you all by know by now, Marcel Khalife is one of the most respected and known musicians from the Arab world. He is actually one of my favorite artists. Today, I am sharing yet another beautiful ballad by this one-of-a-kind artist. This noteworthy masterpiece is called Ya Naseem el Reeh, which roughly translates to ‘Oh Soft Breeze.’ As always, I have added the song in the form of a YouTube video as well as the lyrics in Arabic. Similar to other musical posts, I have added the lyrics in Arabic so that you can follow and sing with Marcel and I have translated them to English so that you can learn what these beautiful lyrics mean.
مارسيل خليفة – يا نسيم الريح
Marcel Khalife – Naseem El Reeh
يا نسيم الريح ، قولي للرشا
Oh soft breeze tell to the drizzle
لم يزدني الورد إلا عطشا
the rose didn’t bloom due to thirst
لي حبيب حبه وسط الحشاI have a lover and his love is in the middle of my body organs
إن يشا يمشي على خدي مشى
If he wants to step on my cheeks, he would
روحه روحي و روحي روحه
His soul is my soul and my soul is his soul
إن يشأ شئت و إن شئت يشاIf he desires, I desire and if I desire, he desires
For now take care and stay tuned for upcoming posts!
Happy Learning!
Have a nice day!!نهاركم سعيد

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  1. Dear Sarah,

    There are some serious issues in the translation.
    just to clarify without fully translating:
    1. رشا resha: indicates to both: 1) kind of plant grown tall and wild --the breeze makes its way through it. 2) the female daughter of the Gazelle on which the breeze touches.

    2. الوِرْد alwird means 1) the thirst (and not الوَرْد alward which means flowers).
    2) (here) the incoming of the breeze
    3) It is also indicates here to part of Qoran. When one finishes part one and goes to part two and that makes him more thirst to more of the qoranic meanings.

    3. الحَشا alhhasha: the heart

    As AlHallaj was one of the Sufi poets. Sometimes (if not all the time) gives two meanings. One of which pure Sufi and more religiously. The other (and in a way to attract more people) it's for lovers --and just like the old Arab poets used to open their long epic poetry.

    So the (double) meaning is:
    Oh sweet breeze, just tell my little gazelle
    The incoming breeze (you caused) made me but more thirsty
    To a lover engraved in my heart
    If (she) wants to walk on my cheek, she could
    Her soul is mine and mine is hers
    If he wants, I want; if I want he wants.

    2. On sweet breeze, just tell the Rasha plant
    The coming breeze made me but more thirsty (by turning the page to the next part in the Qoraan and absorbing its meaning)
    To a lover engraved in my heart
    If He (Allah) wants to step on my cheek, He could
    His soul is mine and mine is His
    If He wants, I want; If I want He wants

    Hope the meaning is clarified now.

    Kindest Regards, May AL-ISSA


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