Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Full moon - Diana Moore - A Visitor to the Forest

Full Moon

That's it. When my aunt went to India to meditate I was about 10 and upset she was leaving. I told her that when I could see the moon, she'd be seeing the same moon. Did she realise I missed her?

Diana Moore

Diana performed twice recently at the Ekphrasis poetry readings in the Ashmolean in Oxford. I simply listened to her first piece, half spoken/half sung. She is so comfortable on stage, even if it is a flat floor of a gallery.

She needed someone to turn the pages for her second piece, A Visitor to the Forest, so I did that. It is a poem inspired by this painting. It has been published as a children's book and is in the shop in the Ashmolean.

It is so unusual and easy to read out. Even the review on Amazon is beautiful!

Her website

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