Thursday, 4 June 2015

Petals on 10th - 12th May each year

Every year I see the honesty plants come into flower. They are purple. When our white cat was in his last days, having an injection each week, then in the weekend before the vet visit on the Monday...he'd walk in the garden and brush past the flowers. He'd get purple petals on his pure white coat.

I watched him have what I sensed might be his last walk on the grass at the front of the house. No petals that time. I think he lay down on the grass.

I didn't wake him even once that last night, I let him sleep. Normally I'd stroke him and interact with him every time I walked past him. I had to give him enough food and drink before night came since he had to be a thirsty and hungry cat in the morning, prior to a possible operation on his jaw.

I made and gave the decision by phone to euthanase him, because he couldn't be operated on and was unconscious already..'Kiss him and let him go'. We cried at the kitchen table in shock, then when we were all ready walked to our village church to write a small message for him.

Of course the flowers we gathered for his grave were the very ones he'd been brushing against.

Every year the same set of leaves and flowers from around the back garden are at the exact same stage of blossomingness.

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