Monday, 1 June 2015

The title kept me for several days

"The title kept me for several days, along with the full stops, one and two syllable words and their beautiful patterns and rhythms, plus the 4 triple syllable words. I'd move further along, then go deep into one aspect, even working out the 3 line moving average for full stops. I drew a little graph on squared paper to examine this. Where am I with 'drink' and 'think'? I'm nowhere ready to examine 'days'. Those capitals are very square, what do I think of those? And what about 'life' innocuously sitting in a line. I lie, I went back to the title and found it more and more slippery. I had forgotten how much time it takes to meander around a poem. I had to rest my brain on the sofa again today for a few hours. I had thought it was my Arabic class or that strong coffee causing me such tiredness, but no!"

I hit on these words in a search box. I copied and pasted them because they seemed unusual and I wondered who this interesting person was who had written them....yes, anyone can see where this is going.

Finally I realised they are MY WORDS.

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