Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Endless questions 12. - 15.

12. In my dictionary there are 2 plurals, are they the dual, then the 3+ plural? It doesn't say.

eg: سنة, سنون, سنوات

13. Also, there are several versions of a noun, with no explanation as to why there is both a masculine and a feminine version, plus appropriate plurals.

eg: to follow when I next bump into one.

14. My children's book, from publishers Nelson Thomas, has all sorts of extra accents, presumably the more formal and correct version of fusha. However, why is there an unexpected, to me, kasra at the end of  قالت when it relates to the adult woman, the mother in the story, but not when it relates to the little girl, her actual name is given? Is it because a noun is different from a name?

15. Why is the bear in the accusative, eg dubban, after ureed? I was taught to say ureed qahwa, without the 'an' at the end. Why??? Is adding the 'an' a bit too correct and over the top?

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