Thursday, 2 April 2015

Road Trip!! - Barnacle

Road Trip!!

My son T's shout when we all decided to jump in the car with him to take my mother in law, their grand-mother, to do useful things at Tesco. I think she was surprised to have such a crowd wanting to come along for the ride.

We went in the wrong direction, chatted to a neighbour their age at the village shop, saw that there are hand-car washes in the Tesco's car park and took care of her box of eggs on the middle part of the back seat.


Last night I saw my son H happily reading a dictionary in the kitchen. This morning he greeted me with the word 'barnacle', which made me giggle. So we worked our way through some other words on that page and had a fun time.

I told him that my Arabic dictionary had never made me laugh at all, so he said that eventually it would. I am not so sure, humour doesn't seem to live in between those pages. It's all very deep and meaningful. None of the parallel meanings have been remotely funny, and it doesn't take much to set me off.

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