Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tove Jansson - The Listener

Over the past couple of nights I have read through this collection. The atmosphere starts off fine enough in the stories, but there is a particular point in each one where it swerves off the rails and I become concerned, aware of my discomfort. The writing is so calm, yet describes such isolation from other people.

'The Storm' was my favourite story, for the long night with the wind howling round:

'It no longer came in gusts. Now the wind pressed in on the city from the sea in a continuous roar, a rising and implacable sound.'

The strangeness didn't help my mind, as I was not sleeping, constantly waiting for a problem from one of my sons and in myself...being a mother isn't easy...I thought of those with more than 2 children and with younger ones. Better than the alternatives though.

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