Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An attempt at a 3rd person bio, not used!

smp lives near Didcot in Ofordshire. She has been accepted for publication by Obsessed With Pipework and has been published by iamnotasilentpoet. She has read at the Wantage and the Woodstock Poetry Festivals, plus theAlbion Beatnik in Oxford. She adores the buzz of online porytu courses and facebook groups. She recommends getting onto the next ModPo class on coursera and also starting your own poetry group. Just take a timer and a few copies of a poem, go round with 2 or 3 minutes each, sharing any and all reactopns to the oems. You will find things out about eachother and the poems you could not have predicted. she loves live in poetry festivals, eg swindon, based at lower shaw gfarm. the best. breakfast lunch tea and supper with poets..best holiday i can think of.

I love the rubbish spelling and mistakes :) Is there a name for the love of unedited text?

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