Saturday, 21 March 2015

right now

loud music in the drawing room, mixed up head after a poetry reading, want to introduce someone to someone else on facebook, my knee hurts, so much to do and read, need to message someone to ask about an Arabic verb, I think I read the word for king in 2 places, in Hebrew...., in an exhibition yesterday and on a wall today, when I was trying to do something else entirely, the letters looked a bit different, but from the context they could have both been for moloch, very golden and lovely, what's all this about? I have enough on my plate, met a wonderful home educator, got a voluntary job yesterday in one place after being given the brush off by somewhere else, cleaned the crap off my car, literally! got to go into the cave now, an experiment we are doing online, will it work or die a death?

The lesson is: paragraphs and proper punctuation make writing easy.

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