Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Playing around with numbers and the words H knows

Sitting in the car, about to go into Sainsbury's.:

Ich werde Sainsbury's kaufen!

Ich werde ins Sainsbury's das (Shampoo), ein Hund, ein Brot und zwoelf Autos kaufen!

In the car on the way back:

Ich habe zwoelf Freunden, zwoelf Autos, zwoelf Haenden und zwoelf Fuessen!

On hearing that he won't take the shampoo out of the car with him...I have to do it...

Du bist siebzehn Jahre alt, aber Du bist ein Kind!

I am shocked, still as shocked as last time I wrote this, that we can say so much after such a short time. I seriously need someone funny and off the wall to sit in the car with me and say these sorts of things to me in Arabic. This is so frustrating. I try to shoehorn Arabic into my chats with H, but he spots it a mile away, though he did listen to me discussing how to say I love you in German and also in Arabic. That got through.

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