Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cliff Yates - War

Cliff Yates' collection 'Bike, Rain'

The title is the most fitting one I have yet come across. It is simple, spare, unpretentious. It conveys exactly what Cliff Yates is about. Every time I turned a page it would be sitting there at the top of the new right hand page.

I have made all my notes on the pamphlet itself as I was reading through. That is a first. I now see where Cliff is coming from.

I did mark one or two places where I felt some lines should have been cut, but that is because I am so used to spouting my own views on Facebook poetry workshop groups. Having these thoughts is not sacrilegious, but a demonstration of the faith I have in the power of the poems and poets to cope with contrary opinions. I need to bang up against what others say and write. It is like giving a bannister a good shake before holding onto it and going up the stairs.

Go off and read it for yourself.


I am now in the second and middle section of George Roberts' collection. I need to find a new approach. My first one isn't working any more. Once I have found it I will be able to post a sensible set of comments. Reading Cliff Yates might be setting me off towards what I need to find. Let's see.

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