Monday, 19 January 2015

Forrester Bess - Icon - A34 crash

Forrester Bess

I don't usually do this. Just seeing the pictures in the article I am linking to has done some strange things to my mind. The pictures are so simple and intense. They remind me of times I spent at an art table maybe 10/12 years ago.

We would go over there and paint whatever needed to be painted. I recognise that need to put things down. Seeing the other man do his painting in his own world was helpful to see. We didn't have to talk to each other or do anything at all in fact. He put his paint right across big sheets of paper with a heavy roller.

I have had to do some writing after seeing these pictures briefly.


My aunt Caroline's things came to me yesterday, via my brother driving up with a car load. So now I have a small icon. Unreadable script. I shall have to google image various possible scripts to find out which one it is, then type it into google translate using the appropriate keyboard.

When a person is alive their things are around them. The person turns up at family parties and smokes. When they are dead they things arrive in my house, item by item. I can sit on their chair, stir my soup with their wooden spoon and look cautiously at an icon with its patterns of dots over the metal.

Massive crash

The A34 was shut southbound today because a car transporter went through the crash barrier and right onto the grass by a rising slope over beyond the far side of the other carriageway. It met a van as it went I hear.

We missed this by 15/20 minutes. Do I drive more slowly because of this? Keep my distance more? Pump up my tyres more often?

The people I was due to see this morning had been hoping I was ok. So these drives day after day cause anxiety to others. I can't do anything differently apart from moving house to Kidlington for the next 2 1/2 years. That might be healthier.

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