Sunday, 18 January 2015

Tidy desk - New Term - Shift

Tidy desk/Tidy mind

I once worked in an office with many other normal people, plus one man who got on with everyone, dressed very nicely, made the most money and had a tidy desk.

One day I went up to him and asked him how he did it. I wish I could remember his answer. Everyone listened in because he was such a hero, respected by us all.

He had a particularly unfortunate surname too, so maybe he'd had to learn very early on to overcome it with his good qualities.

Arabic Term Restart

New term/New clear desk. I have had to file all my other activities and just leave my homework on my desk. It feels good.

Boast: I use my complicated, but surprisingly accurate chart of verb forms, so see if a verb is indeed one of the 2 to 10 forms. I am amazed each time the meaning in the dictionary matches with the number on the chart.

I did find 2 typos in there a year ago, but didn't mark the surface with a biro, so they are uncorrected. The English letters don't match the tiny, faint Arabic accents in 2 places. That sort of thing bugs me. It should be 100% accurate.

Sudden Shift

Something has happened to me. A problem I have had since the age of 14 has left me. I noticed a week or two ago. I couldn't pin it to a particular day. I have tried for years to solve that problem, then it just goes all at once, in response to something over Christmas time. Miraculous events... But what on earth was the trigger for this change?

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