Thursday, 3 July 2014

Being gentle

For the first time in my life I deliberately handled my shopping so delicately and gently. Each item was picked up by the scanner, nothing got dropped, I found space for each one in the bags easily.

When I saw that I had missed out a bottle of milk I simply did a second buying session and paid for that too. So rushing and fighting is a waste of energy. It felt so completely different.

At home I am trying to do things gently in the kitchen. Shutting the microwave is a challenge because the door needs a slam, but maybe there is a way to do that in a more peaceful way.

 Our big front door needs a huge thump to shut it, but that could be solved by getting the carpenter round yet again. The china plates make sharp sounds when I put them away, but I can pick between a big crash and a slightly smaller crash. The aga doors are uncompromising too, but again there are different levels of metal on metal.

The biggest area for change is how I speak. The words I choose and general attitude. Just because sharp humour has been a useful tool in the past doesn't mean it has to be a way of life. Lots of skills are just that, to be used once in a while, but no more.

This might be my lesson from those unsettling pains last week.

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