Thursday, 3 July 2014

For everyone's inner engineer - conversation - Oxford

Here are 2 videos which my son T has just shown me:

Dyson - Air Multipliers and the blue balloon

Honda - The Cog sequence

He and I have discussed the summer, internships, travel to Scotland, money (all conversations get to money eventually), petrol, the tiring and unsuccessful trip to Henley to pick up his father this evening and a holiday invitation.

I typed out my cv this afternoon and gave it to the person I have wanted to give it to for months. So all in all a successful trip to Oxford for me this evening. Plus bumping into someone I know, who I bought a hot chocolate for. I hope it helps in some way. At least we can chat about stuff in an almost normal sort of way. He may be homeless, but I met him in better circumstances and we have mutual friends. His dog always recognises me and likes having his nose stroked.

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