Tuesday, 1 July 2014

I had to go for a walk

So off I went and found that the new wood in the village has turned into a real one without me noticing. The paths are totally covered over with leafy branches. There are birds and insects flying about. I met some neighbours of course. The 12 big stones still form a circle in the middle for the teenagers to use for late night gatherings.

On the way back a path was so overgrown with nettles and hogweed I had to walk with my arms right up in the air to avoid being stung. That's a familiar sensation from years ago, holidays in Scotland or where ever. I'd forgotten about that.

I still needed more nature, so lay gazing up at my own trees in the back garden while H bicycled around. 'Twas very heaven to be alive... Normally summer means wind and rain, but at the moment that rule is on hold.

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