Wednesday, 31 July 2013

More July Blog Finds I like the short written pieces from a while ago. No current work, but who knows when he may restart? The writer publishes a poetry magazine I enjoy, 'Obsessed with Pipework'. Where did that name come from?

takemetoafrica I don't know how I stumbled across this one. The writer is on a trip returning to her birth country. A brave step.

shiningegg Lots of links in the text. I like the photos and the art. I look forward to reading back through the archives. Linking to a blog is like buying a book which keeps on getting extra chapters in it.

ambientehotel Try it and see. I got there via a book review

markneary1dotcom1 This blog's real name is 'Love, Belief and Balls'! I signed something on Twitter or somewhere else to back up this family a while ago, so it's very good to see them reunited. Similar to seeing an Amnesty person being released from a hideous jail and popping up on Twitter again on my timeline. I added this one because I like the way the writer reflects on her own reactions to things and because she's experimenting with unschooling. She's also into RDI, which I never got beyond the first page on, though it looks very helpful. It's time for me to learn more about current feminism. I'm so glad it has come back to the fore after all these years. Sending up Middle East politics. Another poetry blog, direct writing, linked to current events, eg The Baby and the Hot Weather.

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