Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A 12 year old's view of going to Meeting in the Shetlands

"One thing I like about going to meeting in Shetland is that you go to lots of different people's houses. Sometimes we go to this peerie (small) chapel beside Helen and Tom's but that's not very often.

Best of all is Jenni's house. She lives in a croft house with one room. She has a spinning wheel and a box bed, a braaly (excellent) old cooking stove with lots of doors in it. She has a long wooden seat with sheepskins and her window sills are full of flower pots. You can see the sea very near and you can hear it and hear the wind and sea gulls and goats.

Next best is Whalsay where the Dallys live because we get to go there on two long ferry crossings and you can watch sea-birds and islands and cliffs. You can see all the houses in Symbister from their house and the new Leisure Centre is being built next door. In 1992 we might be able to go swimming because that's when the pool is supposed to be finished."

From 'Quakers in Scotland, an anthology of the thoughts and activities of the religious Society of Friends past and present"
Published by The Religious Society of Friends, Scotland in 1989

I have a small role in the Wallingford Meeting, to rearrange the book display in our little library once a month, to encourage people to take books to borrow. I bet you can see where this is leading. I now find that I borrow some of the books each time I alter the display. Scottish independence was in the news when I changed them around last time.

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