Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Home education and Strewing

I have just been reading some old blog posts about strewing. I don't do this at all now. It seems pretty irrelevant and smacks of worry and angst.

The good things about doing it were that I had a reason to search for new items and something to focus on. I could feel satisfied if we had chatted about the item, or handled it. Choosing one thing was a lot easier than choosing a whole big topic or going for a walk. By knowing I had picked up an item and put it on the table, I could allow myself to stop worrying for a day. So it served as a shield to protect me from my and other people's fears.

It helped me to learn how to spot the interactions relating to that one thing. I spotted a new word being used or a new topic. Again, because I was only focusing on the learning happening around that one physical item, it let me off the hook for the rest of the day.

It also helped me realise how central our table was and is in the household. We sit round it and put things on it. I tidy it often and keep order by putting our stuff at one end of it and by changing the table cloth when we have guests.

It gave me a structure to hold onto. Now I only have the weekly log book left. It sits on my desk in the kitchen and is easy to add to because I sit at my desk a lot!


This was in my drafts file from February. I may have been all confident then, but now I think I might go back to being more aware of our kitchen conversations. The log book is looking a bit empty at the moment and I'll feel more sure of myself if I make more notes in it.

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