Saturday, 2 March 2013

Uta Frith

I have spent a bit of the evening knitting and watching the last in a series of music programmes with my mother in law next door. It's good to have a weekly meet up planned like this.

Then she plied me with Ovaltine and we had a catch up chat. She told me about Uta Frith being on Desert Island Discs last Friday and how she has a book coming from Amazon written by her, on autism/aspergers. Given the sheer number of autism books I have stacked up on the top floor it is amazing that I haven't read anything by her as yet.

So I did a little search and have emailed 2 interviews to her to listen to if she wishes. I am putting them here for others to learn from and for me to have them at my finger tips.

Desert Island Discs from Feb 2013

A Life Scientific from Dec 2012

I am listening to the Discs programme right now.


Now I have had a look at the write ups of her books on Amazon. I am not so sure about her approach. That must be why I do not have any of her books. I think I benefit much more from the blogs I have found which have a similar way of viewing the world to myself. Hmm, I'm trying hard not to be picky and critical. I have very different views. On matters this important I stick to my guns.

I think I have focused most closely on books which have been immediately helpful to our lives over the past few years, I junk other stuff, no matter how interesting the research. I can watch individual bloggers develop their thinking, but I do not watch professional researchers hone their thoughts. It is a different process and does not help me.

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