Saturday, 23 February 2013

Slowing down again

All I can hear is the washing machine and the birds tweeting. The doors are open to let a breeze clear the air a little. We have some fruit and brioches left over on the table, extra sausages still in the fridge.

I would like to play some old music through the sound system downstairs, but need to wait until T is available again to ask him to do this for me.

It is a decompression process after guests have gone. Sudden silence and a return to seeing the cracks in the paintwork, the physical things which need doing on the house. It is a lot more healthy for me to be focused on actual people and activities. Time to go out for a walk around the village! The others are resting and having time out on their own, like me.

Our village pub has just changed hands so perhaps tonight we can all go there with our pack of cards and have fun while seeing whether the atmosphere has changed. S can remind himself that he is no longer in the Far East but back in an English Village.


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