Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Waiting for instructions

Earlier I was down at the cafe in Sainsbury's reading, knitting, sewing together some knitted squares and drinking hot chocolate. I had collected the dry cleaning and bought essential supplies of pizza. I used my mobile to find out an eta for T. It turned out to be much later on!

I spotted a tiny girl trotting off on her own away from her parents and into the cafe. I pointed to show the father where she was and in which direction she was heading.

Then I had time to kill back at home before the second attempt at collecting T from the station. So I have been listening to Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd. It is like having miniature holidays here and there, grabbing chances. Hot tea and delicious curry, then more sewing.

It is my reward and peace between all the other momentous events and sorrows online and elsewhere.

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