Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Embarrassing moments

T and I had a long discussion this evening.

After the actual discussion we got on to embarrassing moments from my past:

Dumping a holdall full of books at Victoria Coach Station on the ground beside the desk of the member of staff who, rightly, had refused to guard it until my mother arrived to pick it up. I had to go on with my journey for some reason. I have never stropped in public at a complete stranger before or since. It was back in the days of bomb scares, 1980's, so unaccompanied luggage was a no-no. I can't remember any comment at all from people around me, or from my mother who did get the bag from where I had left it.

Literally stamping my foot on the ground in fury at ds2 at home time at his primary school. The whole of the school and parents were in the playground at the end of the day and there was that same silence from the onlookers!

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