Thursday, 19 January 2012

Silence across America

Mares' tails in the sky
Across the prairie grass bends
Walking with the wind

1986 Faith, South Dakota

Mountain clouds gather
Ravens fly tossed by the wind
And then the rain falls

1986 Teton National Park, Wyoming

On a desert road
Sunrise takes the longest time
Blooming like a rose

1986 Arco Desert, Idaho

Softly the rain fell
Tires whispered on wet streets
Slick with green-red leaves

1984 Spokane, Washington

Gray sky touched the sound
Quietly the ferry crossed
To the other side

1984 Port Townsend, Washington

Sometimes the changes come from within
Seeing with no eyes
Hearing with no ears
We begin

1975 Slide Creek, Kalmiopsis Wilderness

From Planet Walker: 17 years of silence, 22 years of walking
By John Francis, Ph.D.

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