Saturday, 3 December 2011

Lego corner

We had an Advent craft afternoon at our village church today. My contribution was a rug and a big box of Lego. I found a spot between a pew and an altar rail well away from where small children might be roaming.

I sat in a corner with it all in a heap while 2 boys in particular sat and played. They said "Awesome" each time they found a piece they recognised from a set.

I declared the corner shut while a story was read out and then a treasure hunt happened. It is a strong convention that children are to take part in what the others are doing. I reopened the corner after the hunt had finished.

It was so lovely so hear the chatter as they peacefully made their plans, tried this and that, showed things to each other and had the odd disagreement. I think Lego plus time is a soothing combination. I am happiest being around children who are working things out for themselves.

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