Friday, 2 December 2011

Deep sleep

For some reason I was washed out, exhausted, tired beyond tired, just like when I was pregnant. I lay right down on the sofa and still felt as if I needed to lie down. The cat who visits us helped me to drop off to sleep, her head and arms resting on my shoulder.

Oh my, I now see from Twitter that Troy Davis' sister Martina died yesterday. I have added a blog to my list written by a photographer who was in Georgia with her the night of 21st September this year. It is called Scott Langley Photography. Please see his tribute to Martina.

I have also found these wonderful words of strength said by Martina after Troy Davis died by execution:

"I want people to know that we didn't fail. As long as we keep hammering away at this thing, as long as we refuse to give up, we haven't failed. We'll be doing what Troy would have wanted us to do."

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