Sunday, 4 December 2011

Ouch, transition time

Changes upset our household, or myself at any rate. S is off to the Gulf for a few days. We are all irritable and in each other's way, or is it just me?

I am in the laundry room and someone comes in more quickly than I like and expects me to move out of the way so they can do what they planned to do. I walk out in an annoyed mood, it is my laundry room and I like to do my work in there in peace....grump, grump. If I am a housewife then I do expect to be able to actually do housewifely activities from time to time.

So I am now sulking in my lovely drawing room and may set up a soothing log fire to burn away my cobwebs. Being here on my blog is a good thing, I feel better already.

I have promised to cook something for my children so I'll head off and do that. First I will lay the fire, then cook and do some knitting in the kitchen, what a life of drama and incident!

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  1. That's ironic! I'm in front of a soothing log fire topping up my blog too! And there are changes going on in this household as the home ed youngsters have moved on and I can at last do work out of the house instead of attending to them and the housewifely duties all the time. Everyone is irritable as you say - but then mine will have to give up their luxurious freedom from household duties and muck in now. They don't like it!
    BWs and thanks for supporting mine.


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