Tuesday, 9 August 2011

What's new? Oh, it's us....

I looked on the news channel, expecting to see shootings in Syria, instead I saw filming from a helicopter not that far from where we used to live in Hackney, East London.

It's a bit of a shock to be centre stage on Al Jazeera!

When T came into the kitchen my advice was that if he were ever caught up in looting, for goodness sake do all he can to prevent people from starting fires. Looting is ethically bad, but fires are so very dangerous, just don't.

I have just been on Twitter and see that we are the light entertainment via the hashtag 'londonBHstyle'. To the West down the M4 I have Ian Henderson's estate and to the East I have London. I hope the harvest and the sheep round here don't attract attention.


  1. All rather scary stuff. Have booked to take the kids into London this Saturday - train tickets, Michael Morpurgo talk etc all paid for - and am now having qualms about it. Don't think we'll be staying on late in the evening :)

  2. It looks like rain later in the week, which will dampen things down.


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