Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Living in a vicarage

The odd thing about this old vicarage is that there is no obvious chapel or holy corner. I would have thought that an oratory was about the only obvious room to have in such a house. It doesn't feel any different from our other houses either, none of which has had a prayer place.

Only 2 of my 7 educational institutions had a chapel, The Cavendish School and Trevelyan College, Durham. I think it is a special and wonderful thing to have a quiet, dedicated space for this.

One household I visited had an oratory with an exercise bike in it. I didn't go in or even put my head around the door. I wish I had now.

We have a falling down old stable in the back garden. It is a great place to sit and experience feelings with just the bird song and insects for company. It is dusty, cold, uncomfortable and wild. It is my favourite place in this household.

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