Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Keep Calm and Get Your Broom

I love the footage of everyone out clearing up the streets and shops.

The website coordinating cleanups is beautifully designed too! Apparently somewhere passengers were shaking the hands of nearby police as they went into a tube station.

#OperationCupOfTea on Twitter is a good antidote to all the drama, it reminds me of the Libyan Freedom tea YouTube clips earlier in the year.

My parents and brother live in London so I hope it all calms down physically, though shooting a man after following the taxi he was in sounds like an odd way of keeping the peace. That and kettling are unpopular tactics any day.

There is so much to take in and so many comments to read. A lot of English (not UK) life seems to be revealed through this, the good and the bad. It's like a snapshot of how things are plus the innards of our system laid bare, for example the detail that pretty much all of the indie music stocks went up in flames, and the sight of the old man beside the burnt out building of his company with his son standing right there.

My last random thought is that the guidance at the end of this blog post might help things.

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