Friday, 17 December 2010

This will keep me busy

I have found I'm linked to on this site. Obviously I'm pleased as anything. I'm also thrilled to have a whole new list of blogs to search through.

I used to think I only needed to read blogs written by home educators with older children than mine, but over time I realise I pick up so much from blogs by and about people of all ages. It's a sort of browsing, not knowing what I'll learn until I stumble on it.

Over time I need different things too, so I find what I need in unexpected places.


  1. That's Faith's site, right? Good for you! She's so thorough that she even included my blog, despite the fact that I only occasionally post about unschooling specifically.

  2. I'm not on there (sniff)...

    [Not that I'm sulking or anything]


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