Tuesday, 21 December 2010

How not to do it

I made fudge today, but it didn't work at all. So there is learning how to do things and learning how *not* to do things.

Earlier in the day we sat round the table and played cards. We take turns being dealer. We play vingt et un without betting. We just count the number of tricks each player wins as we go through the pack each time.

I haven't been out in the car since Friday. S has been doing all the errands in the snow. This is the most non-adventurous I have ever been. T and H have been even more house bound in a good way than me. I rush out with my broom to sweep away new flecks of snow from my paths. Every envelope with a stamp on it is an excuse for me to walk carefully along our snowy footpaths to the post box.

The chat time in the kitchen is just starting between T and H. It's good that they have a similar chat cycle.

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