Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Lap time

Well, I don't call it that. If I come into the kitchen and the only free chair is actually not free at all, but being used as a foot rest by H, this is what we do:

I lift up the feet, sit down on the chair and put the feet back, but on my lap. I then have 2 socked feet and 20 toes to hold onto and rub gently. It's good.

T used to put his feet on top of mine while we sat at the table for meals. It was like holding hands, but different.

There isn't enough distance under the table for T and H to sit opposite each other. There hasn't been for a while. Those foot fights can get nasty. Maybe we need a divider under the table, or to turn the table round so they each have a place at the far ends, like the husband and wife at formal dinners, far enough away from each other not to bicker! Though bickering transcends any barriers...any time, any place is an opportunity if the wish is there.

1 comment:

  1. Thank goodness for a round table! We just struggle with elbows and seemingly unnaturally long forearms


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