Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hair dying

Why are we doing this so late at night?? Because it is summer holidays!

Soon it will be time to use the shower head to wash off the bright red dye. I'll do the noisy hairdrying down here in the kitchen as one person in this household is asleep.

I hope my latest method of carefully putting the dye on has worked better than last time. T never complains about my skills, but he's not that fussy. I see the bits I have missed and feel a bit embarrassed.


  1. My eldest currently has blue hair!!! It has worked betterthis time but any tips would be greatly appreciated ;-)

  2. I really concentrate the dye on the roots close to the scalp and make sure the skin looks coloured. It is easy to miss a bit if I don't do it small strip by small strip.

    Blue sounds stunning, our house favours a deep red at present.

    The blow drying is my favourite mum job:)


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