Saturday, 22 May 2010


The conkers H and I collected in the autumn are growing beautifully. They are now on their second pair of leaves. Soon we will repot them into individual pots. What are we going to do with 10+ conker trees? Tomato plants are one thing, vast sturdy trees are another!

We have an oak growing in a hidden spot in our drive, so there's another future problem/blessing. The walnut at 15 feet high beside the cherry is an even bigger surprise. Maybe our back garden is destined to turn into a shady grove or forest.

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  1. Yes we have a self-seeded walnut tree on the border between ours and the neighbour's house. Don't they grow quickly? They are beautiful, but having seen how huge and dominating our neighbour's walnut tree became (blocking the 100ft garden in shade)we trimmed ours down to a reasonable height yesterday. Besides, the squirrels will always get to the nuts first!

    We used a few of our self-seeded conker trees as hedging, trimming them down every year to hedge height. They're not the best designed trees for this, but it kinda works.


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