Saturday, 22 May 2010

Strewing for myself

Maybe I will try again and from a completely different angle. This time I could strew stuff for *me*. Then I'd be guaranteed one eager user or player. I do love fiddling with physical things and playing or rearranging items on a table.

Maybe some people love new things provided by others and some people prefer to seek out their own new things. I suspect I have 2 persistent sniffers out of new stuff who operate on their own terms online via YouTube and favourite computer news websites.

One thing which works is a game of 'ask me a question?' We take it in turns and try to ask difficult but not impossible questions of each other in turn. The hard bit is picking something suitably unexpected that the other person will find interesting to answer. That verbal strewing is fun and something we do when we are at a loose end.

My last could be that the word new is more important than strew? So anything new and surprising would count. A new smell, an odd sound, an unusual cloud shape or colour. Rather than trying to plan it each day I could simply be on the lookout for anything worth pointing out...which is easy as I do this anyway. All I'd need to do is write it down. The more I write down, the more data I have to play with when I do my home ed reviews so it's all good from my point of view.

By writing it down I have come to the conclusion that the thing which bugs me is the deliberateness of this strewing concept.

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